1300 Speech (1300 773 324)

Dear Clients,
As we continue to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic in Australia, we want to continually check our clinic policies and procedures to ensure we are keeping staff and clients as safe as possible.
In light of that, please see below for a list of new strategies Well Said Clinic are using to help curve the spread of COVID-19.

  1. We ask clients to please not arrive early to their appointments- this will reduce the amount of people in the waiting room. If you like, you may wait in your car. Please just call the clinic when you are in the carpark and, once the clinician is ready, we will call you back so you can come straight into the clinic room.
  2. For people that normally sit in the waiting room whilst your child is in the session, please consider waiting in your car, especially if you have other children with you. We can call you when it is time to come in for feedback.
  3. You are welcome to pay online for your appointments or call through and pay over the phone- this falls inline with the government’s suggestion of social distancing also.
  4. We are ensuring all staff clean the tables, chairs and toys with disinfectant between clients, as well as wash their own hands thoroughly between every client.
  5. We are asking staff to please stay home if they are unwell. This may see a rise in appointment cancellations by Well Said Clinic. As in the past staff may have come to work if they have a simple cold or sore throat. We ask for your understanding during these trying times and please know we are doing our best to keep everyone safe and healthy.
  6. We ask that you please wash the hands of all family members attending the clinic before you leave home. Once you arrive at the clinic we will ask you to use a clinic provided hand sanitizer before entering the therapy room.
  7. We are working towards setting up Telehealth in the coming week to enable us to provide online therapy, this will allow you to receive Speech Therapy without leaving home. This is especially critical to our participants that are immune-compromised and for those of you who choose to Self-isolate or that have been instructed to stay in quarantine for a period of time. As this is new to us and you, we ask for patience whilst we get this up and running and become skilled in the use of the software.
  8. There have also been discussions around offering isolation sessions from our old clinic rooms at 10 Deutgam St Werribee. This would be a site with one therapist only.  There would be no reception and with appointments spaced far enough apart that the clinician is able to give the room a thorough clean and so there is only one family in the clinic at a time. – Please let us know if this would interest you.