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Moving Forward Socially – Advanced social language group

[short-desc title="Duration"]8 sessions, weekly [/short-desc] [short-desc title="Day"]Groups are run on Saturday's [/short-desc]  [short-desc title="Start"]Term 4 - TBA [/short-desc]

Moving Forward Socially – designed for children who have participated in the introduction program and aims to further develop a deeper understanding of the concepts introduced in the first group.
The groups will be conducted during the school term on Saturdays. The sessions will be conducted on a weekly basis and consist of a one hour child group session and a 15 minute parent debriefing session immediately following the group.
Home practice strategies to reinforce concepts introduced in the sessions will be emailed each week.

These groups are therapeutic and as such are FaHCSIA approved.

Social Language Group

[short-desc title="Duration"]8 sessions / Weekly[/short-desc] [short-desc title="Day"]Groups are run on Saturday's[/short-desc] [short-desc title="Start"]Term 4 - TBA[/short-desc]

Our social language program is designed for children aged 5 to 7 with oral language delay and social skills deficits. The purpose of the group is to develop language and social skills within the context of a small group setting (4 to 6 children of similar age) which allows for heightened individual focus and attention. Each week the group will have a specific purpose and therapy goal in mind and will be practised in a fun and relaxed manner. Parents will be provided with supporting resources and home practice ideas to enable them to practice the targeted skill during the following week. The goals of the group will include:

  1. Developing active listening skills and comprehension abilities
  2. Promoting expressive language skills including vocabulary and sentence construction
  3. Enhancing the understanding of feelings and emotions of themselves and others
  4. Supporting the growth of socialisation skills
  5. Practising the ability to begin and maintain friendships

Each group session is one hour in duration and will be conducted over 8 sessions, weekly. These groups are therapeutic and as such are FaHCSIA approved.

Secret Agent Society

[short-desc title="Duration"]8 week program[/short-desc] [short-desc title="Day"] TBA[/short-desc]  

This social skills program is currently considered best practice in developing social language and abilities in school-age children (8 to 12 years of age) diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) or Social Communication Disorder (SCD).

The program is implemented in a series of 8 small (3 to 4 children of similar age) group sessions which are designed to enhance and promote the development of social skills in a fun and relaxing environment. The program also provides parents and other people such as classroom teachers, with a series of effective strategies and techniques that can be used to assist the child with development of social skills in everyday situations.

The group will cover elements such as: recognising emotions in self and others, how to manage emotions such as anger and anxiety, how to initiate and maintain friendships, how to cope with bullies and how to handle new situations and ask for help.

Hanen “Target Word”

[short-desc title="Duration"]5 sessions[/short-desc] [short-desc title="Day"]TBA[/short-desc] [short-desc title="Start"]TBA[/short-desc]

Target Word is a parent training program designed for parents of children who are considered to be “late talkers” (i.e. children who speech and language has not developed in the expected timeframe). The purpose of this program is to teach parents how they can assist their child to develop speech and language skills in the home environment during everyday activities.
The first group will commence on the 9th of February and the second training group will begin on 12 of October. The sessions will run between 7 to 8.30pm on Thursday evenings and consist of 5 group training sessions with two individual video sessions during this period of time.

Hanen “ABC and Beyond”

  [short-desc title="Duration"]8 week program or a 2 day course[/short-desc] [short-desc title="2 Day Course"]TBA[/short-desc] [short-desc title="8 Week Course"]TBA[/short-desc]

This program is designed to assist educators (Preschool teachers, Day-care operators and Prep teachers) to promote emerging literacy skills in young children (3 to 5 years). The program includes information and strategies coming from the Hanen program and includes information from the latest research in this area. The program provides practical strategies and resources for immediate use.

Participants learn the most effective ways to promote the following six building block of literacy:

  1. Oral language
  2. Vocabulary
  3. Story comprehension
  4. Language of learning
  5. Print knowledge
  6. Phonological awareness

The duration of each session is two hours over an eight week program. The program is run by two highly experienced speech pathologists who have worked extensively over the past 30+ years in education.

Hanen “More Than Words” Program

[short-desc title="Duration"]8 week program [/short-desc] [short-desc title="Day"] TBA[/short-desc][short-desc title="Start"]TBA[/short-desc]

The Hanen program “More Than Words” is designed for parents with young children (five years and under) who have been diagnosed Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Its purpose is to assist parents to promote/enhance their child’s ability to interact meaningfully with others and connect with the world around them. The goals of this program are to improve social skills, enhance the ability to interact and to comprehension of spoken language. The program is designed to use the parents’ knowledge about their child to assist them to understand their child, what motivates them to communicate, set realistic goals and to achieve these goals in the home environment.

The program combines current best knowledge and practice in promoting skills and abilities in children with ASD as well as the presenter’s knowledge and skills that have developed over years of experience.

Please note: Child care is not available for this course