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Parent Role in Speech Therapy

As many of you will know, the beginning of the therapy process can be an incredibly challenging and overwhelming process. Once you have gone through the stage of realising that your child needs additional help in developing speech and language skills, organising and...

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How do I find a good Speech Pathologist?

At Well Said Clinic, we believe the following attributes are worth considering when looking for a Speech pathologist to meet your child’s needs. They are compassionate A good speech pathologist really cares for their clients. They see a child as special and unique,...

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Guidelines for Choosing a Clinician

Parenthood can be full of challenges and one of the most difficult ones is firstly discovering that your child needs ‘therapy’ for a problem he or she is experiencing and secondly you need to find a clinician to help you with this issue. It can be daunting when faced...

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What Apps should we get?

What Apps should we get? We live in an ever increasing technological world and learning has seen a huge shift from rote learning to experiential learning. Technology is commonplace in today and we consistently now see babies/toddlers using Mum or Dad’s phone in the...

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Is my child ready for school?

Is my child ready for school? At present in preschool and kinder car parks around the country, mums, dads and carers are discussing whether they’ll send their kids to school early, on time, or hold them back. Parents whose child, due to birth date, falls into that...

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